French Roast: Why Should It Be Your Next Cup Of Coffee

French roast is one of the popular styles in coffees and is clearly one of those forms that most coffee drinkers tend to prefer.

We want to be absolutely clear that French Roast is a highly dark roasted coffee with smoky sweetness, mainly a charred texture and taste. Few coffee geeks even refer to French roast as burnt coffee.

The question here is, how do French roast if compared with other coffee beans?

For those searching for a little lighter or darker taste, which coffee style he/she should opt for? A French roast is a form of coffee roast s, popularly called regional roasting style.

Regional roasting forms were one of those styles, which was famous around Europe in the 19th century. Presently, people use this term to describe dark roasted coffee only. It is even referred to as a Turkish roast, Espresso roast, or simply dark roast.

Other trivia time roast forms are Spanish roast coffee, New England roast coffee, American roast coffee, Italian roast coffee & Vienna roast coffee.

How Does French Roast Form of Coffee Taste Like?

roasting french coffee
French roast coffee is also called double roast coffee. It falls under highly dark roasted coffee, characterized by smoky-sweet and intense flavors.

As compared to the lighter roasts such as cinnamon light roast coffee, French Roast coffee is far less acidic & has roasted favors. Often it has a charred or charcoal-like flavor. Since we are talking about a highly dark coffee, it easily outpowers the aroma and flavors of coffee beans.

To sum it up, the french roast coffee profile has:

  • Very dark, which is burnt and mostly smoky
  • Intense and bold
  • Much less acidic as compared to the lighter roasts
  • Somewhat sweet
  • Thin exterior with watery mouthfeel as compared to few coffees

In the course of the roasting procedure, the coffee bean’s internal temperature jumps up to 465 farenheit (or 240.55 celsius). With the coffee roast becoming darker, the coffee bean’s color even darkens & coffee oil becomes visible on the surface. Keeping with such characteristics, coffee beans of French roast are dark brown with shimmers due to oil in them.

Beans of French roast are even called the second crack. It means that they are prepared to create two crackling sounds in roasting with such intensity.

  • The initial crack comes when the steam is released.
  • The second crack occurs when cell walls ultimately break down, releasing oils on the surface of beans.

Usually, in most roasts, beans generally crack just once.

Level of Caffeine

Most people usually believe that coffee beans with darker shades have higher caffeine than lighter roasted coffee beans. In most cases, the opposite is generally true.

The longer you roast the coffee beans, the more caffeine molecules get burned off. It means if you are looking at the limit of your caffeine intake, then French roast is an ideal choice.

Is French Roast A Good Quality Coffee?

quality of french roast
As it is tough to identify how coffee beans have initially been like before roasting, many of the roasters utilize less than exceptional coffee beans for preparing French roasts.

In place of the quality of the coffee beans, roasters tend to concentrate on the roast quality. If the roast is crucial for their target audience, then the quality of coffee beans is nothing but a subjective choice.

While French roast coffee has a strong flavor due to its dark color, smoky aroma & strong taste, French roast is undoubtedly not stronger than various other dark roasts.

Difference Between French Roast and Medium Roast

The casual coffee drinkers may be highly familiar with the concept of distinct roast levels. They must have seen coffee being advertised as medium, light & dark roast.

For most coffee geeks, dark or medium roast is their choice. However, knowing the difference between a French roast and a medium roast arises.

The most basic distinction between the 2 is that dark roast gets roasted for longer than medium roast. Extra roasting time makes the coffee taste bolder and less acidic. But additional roasting removes much of the flavors & character of the coffee beans.

With medium roast coffee, coffee drinkers more and less get a different characteristic of the kind of coffee beans used in the course of the preparation process. With dark roast coffee, the roasting procedure standardizes its flavors.

Roasting Coffee Beans

Roasting of coffee beans endows them with different flavors, which the coffee geeks highly enjoy once the coffee gets brewed.

Usually, coffee beans are roasted commercially on a large scale. However, there is a rising amount of coffee roasting in small groups by either specialty coffee producers or boutiques.

There are two significant kinds of coffee roasters for experts, firstly hot air roasters and secondly are drum roasters. Hot-air roasters are where hot air is blown through the grate or screen in the coffee beans that make the beans highly swirl and circulate within the air current. In the case of drum roasters, coffee beans are tumbled within the drum, and side by side is heated.

Irrespective of the roasting machine, you need to roast raw coffee beans until they touch the doneness’s desired bar. After this process, the coffee beans are cooled & then ground before brewing them. Such beans are mostly ground by commercial entities that perform the roasting process.

Why Is French Roast So Bitter?

Even if you purchase relatively enjoyable and flavorful coffee, it tastes like charcoal, ash, and carbon when their beans get French roasted. French roast requires in-depth roasting.

The roast level is so dark that no unique flavor of coffee survives. It gives your coffee a bitter taste as its fibers are burnt, almost equivalent to ash.

Is French Roast or Italian Roast Stronger?

French and Italian roasts have somewhat indistinguishable tastes if you aren’t a coffee connoisseur. Yet, most people don’t realize that the actual name of the coffee describes the level of roasting. Here are the significant differences between Italian and French roasts.

Italian roast is much stronger and has a more bitter flavoring than a French roast.

Italian roast takes a little longer to achieve a strong flavor and a darker roast.

French roast has a little more caffeine and chlorogenic acid (antioxidants)

Both Italian and French roasts are considered some of the darkest roasts out there.

There is nothing for sure like a cup full of dark roast coffee, which can assist you in waking up instantly. The caffeine boost in French roast and the bold flavors make the coffee the perfect choice for many.

The dark roast beans of coffee are roasted for a more extended period than other coffee beans, making the beans appear darker. The presence of a longer roast helps moderate the coffee, which makes it appear brighter, and the concentration of caffeine in it is not lower but is reduced compared to other coffee forms.

Moreover, coffee is about energy and flavor; it is even about health benefits, making it an excellent addition to your diet.

Health Benefits of French Roast

Roasting Coffee Beans
The presence of minerals, vitamins & antioxidants in the French roast makes it great for one’s health.

For instance, riboflavin vitamin is a crucial component for the cell’s development and healthy growth present in this coffee form. It even helps your body effectively process the amino acids into a form, which is usable. French roast is also a good source of vitamin B5, pantothenic acid, which helps your body effectively convert food into energy for the day.
Additionally, French roast can even provide various other health benefits such as:

Reduced Cancer Risk

French roast is one of the perfect sources of antioxidants. The rich, dark brown coffee color is due to antioxidants, which help your body fight against free radicals that create cellular damage, which is usually linked to cancer.

Due to this reason, those individuals who have this coffee almost regularly have a reduced risk of various forms of cancers, which even includes colorectal cancer.

Brain Health

French roast is the best caffeine source, which provides a few impressive brain benefits. The caffeine present in this coffee is linked with lowering the risk of various diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, & cognitive impairment.

Consuming caffeine every day might lower the risk of developing the disease of Alzheimer’s in particular. French roast coffee is even connected with lowering the risk of developing the disease called Parkinson’s, which is because of the death of particular brain neurons.

Ameliorated Liver Health

French roast helps your liver filter your blood. It helps store energy & even produces crucial liquids for one’s digestive system. In actuality, coffee can help to keep your liver in good form.

Consuming dark roast coffee regularly can assist in lowering your risk of developing cirrhosis, even known as liver scarring. Regular drinking of coffee reduces the chances of developing liver cancer by nearly 40%.