Coffee Syrups: A Brief Guide

If you’re one of those coffee lovers that enjoy adding to your brew all the extras, then you’ve probably seen, tasted, or hear about flavored coffee syrups.
Adding some syrup is a fun and cool way to spice your afternoon or morning coffee break. If your taste buds like to enjoy many different kinds of flavors, buying them all can sometimes prove expensive.
Plus, purchased coffee syrups are typically loaded with preservatives. The good thing here is you can make them all by yourself right there in the comfort of your home. If you’d like to come up with your fresh coffee flavorings, which have no chemicals, then you’re where you need to be right now.
One of the things we’re going to discuss in this article is how you can make homemade coffee syrups.

Ingredients To Make Vanilla Coffee Syrup

Ingredients To Make Vanilla Coffee Syrup
Coffee syrups aren’t as hard to make as most people tend to think.
A simple syrup, a mixture of equal parts sugar and water, is the base. We’ll give you a delicious but straightforward vanilla syrup recipe for this article. Once you’ve got all the basics down, you can go ahead and experiment with different flavors.
To make vanilla syrup, you’ll need:

  • Granulated sugar (one cup)
  • Water (one cup)
  • Pure vanilla extract (two teaspoons)
  • A saucepan
  • Spatula or spoon
  • Storage container with a lid

How To Make Vanilla Coffee Syrup: Step-By-Step Procedure

Step 1
Place your saucepan over medium heat and combine equal parts water and sugar.
Step 2
Bring the mixture to a boil and occasionally stir. Let it boil until you’re sure the sugar has fully dissolved. Always keep watch of the pot. You don’t want the mixture to boil over.
Step 3
Add your vanilla extract, and then stir well. Again always keep watch over the saucepan because you don’t want the water to boil over.
Step 4
Reduce the stove’s heat to low, and then simmer the mixture to your desired thickness. You’ll be the one to determine your ideal syrup texture.
Once you’ve gotten your syrup to your desired thickness, take the saucepan off the stove and let the mixture cool. If you placed whole vanilla beans inside the mixture, take them out as soon as the syrup has cooled down.
Step 5
Place the mixture in an airtight storage container and store it in the fridge. The homemade syrup should last you at least thirty days when stored in the refrigerator. You can add it to your brew whenever you like.

Syrup Variations

There are several flavor possibilities when it comes to making coffee syrups.
Be a bit creative in your kitchen and try to find out what exciting things you can come with. Try adding pumpkin pie spice, hazelnut or peppermint extract, or cinnamon sticks.
Alternatively, if you intend on making coffee-flavored syrup for your adult beverages, milk coffee, desserts, and ice-cream, replace water with brewed coffee.
The key to coming up with something unique to you is to play with your taste proportions. Add more sugar if you want it to be sweet. If you wish for your favorite flavor to shine more, increase the flavor ingredient you put inside. It all depends on your preferences.

Emulsion or Extraction

You might have come across emulsion when out shopping, which is typically somewhere close to the vanilla extract.
The difference between the two is; emulsions are water-based (i.e., no alcohol involved), and extracts are alcohol-based mixtures.
You emulsions the same way you do with extracts. In simple terms, if your recipe requires you to use two teaspoons of, say, vanilla extract, you can substitute this with two teaspoons of emulsion.
Emulsions usually don’t mix well with chocolate. However, they work just fine for coffee syrups.

Other Uses For Coffee Syrup

Most people only use the coffee syrup in their morning or afternoon brew.
However, there are several other things you can do with coffee syrup. These types of syrup usually are so versatile. There are so many ways you can play around with them. Let’s take a look at a few other uses for coffee syrup.

1. Cooking

You can use these syrups for cooking. It is just but one reason why these syrups are so versatile. You don’t only have to use them in your afternoon coffee.
Get creative and add some more flavor to your house-made sources and marinades. You can also use coffee syrups to sweeten up your cookies, scones, cakes, brownies, and other baked goodies.
When you get a recipe that requires you to use simple syrup, you can switch this out and use your favorite coffee syrup.

2. Mixing Drinks

For this, use coffee syrups that are flavorful and fruity because those are often the most ideal for making cocktails and concoctions.
You can use this syrup to develop both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. If you want to make the perfect martini or dessert shooter for your guest, use these syrups.
You can also use them to add flavor to your homemade sodas, lemonades, iced teas, and smoothies. Most cocktail recipes

3. Concentrates

Well, now you don’t have to take such a long time to make your concentrates. You can now just use these syrups, all ready to use.
If you’re afraid of using coffee syrups because you don’t know how to use them properly in this way, don’t fret.
Some of them come with a few simple instructions on the label/package you can easily follow and still get a great concentrate.

4. Dessert

You can also use these syrups to make fantastic dessert sauces. Of course, the sauces can be used just as an addition to the drinks and desserts.
You can blend the syrup of your choice into your sweet frappes or just drizzle a bit on top of some whipped cream. If you want the coffee syrup to shine truly, put it into your milkshakes or smoothies.
However, they also work perfectly in sundaes, cheesecakes, and other baked pastries.

5. Flavored Teas

As was highlighted earlier in this article, coffee syrups are incredibly versatile. Not only can you use them to flavor your coffee, but you can use them to flavor your teas as well.
Make the perfect flavored tea without a struggle. You can also add a little flavor to the water in your ice cubes by adding a few drops of syrup.
Imagine how good you feel when you know you can quickly get your hands on a delicious flavored beverage at the end of a long, hard day? It would be heaven, right?
Coffee syrups are way more than just some viscous liquid in a container or bottle; they’re more like magic portions that can leave you and your guests wondering what deliciousness they just put in their mouths when appropriately used.

How Much Coffee Syrup Should You Put In Your Coffee?

how much syrup to pour in coffee
Generally, two tablespoons of syrup for regular flavored drinks should be just fine at the start.
However, arguably the most common question people usually ask is, “how much you need to put in your drink?”
The best answer to this depends on how sweet you’d like your coffee to be. Regular vanilla lattes usually have around two tablespoons of vanilla syrup inside. If you don’t want to make your vanilla syrup, you can get some from most online retail stores and supermarkets.
If you feel like two tablespoons might be a bit too much, reduce the portion and use just one tablespoon instead. You’d rather put less in the beginning and then add more later if you need to. You don’t want to have to make an entirely new drink from scratch just because you initially put too much syrup in the beginning.
However, if you’re the type that loves taking your coffee sweet, you might want to put in like 3 or 4 tablespoons.

Do Coffee Syrups Expire?

When unopened, coffee syrups normally last between twelve and thirty-six months depending on storage conditions, the bottles used to store the syrup, and even the flavoring.
For example, plastic bottles don’t last nearly as long as glass ones do. It would be best to store them properly, especially after you open them.
If they’re already opened, store the syrup clean, dry place at average room temperature, which should be between 18 to 27 Degrees Celsius. If stored correctly, the syrup’s shelf-life after it’s been opened and still has the cap on will last between three to six months.

Wrapping Up

So, if you don’t like taking your coffee black, you don’t have to.
There are so many ways you can spruce up your cup of Joe, and one of the most common ways of all is by using coffee syrups.
As you can see, you can either make the syrup at home by yourself (which is nowhere near as hard as most people think), or you can just source some from an online retailer or your local supermarket.
Hopefully, now you can start making that cup of coffee of yours a little better.