Best Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Makers: Reviews & Buying Guide

The best automatic pour over coffee makers do all the work for you. 

Heating water up to the perfect brewing temperature. Allowing the delicious coffee grounds inside to absorb the water. 

This releases the natural oils to enhance the taste and flavor. And then your freshly brewed coffee gets collected in the carafe below.

The manual version of this may or may not deliver the same results every single time. But an automatic machine does.

So it’s almost impossible to prepare a cup of bad tasting coffee with an automatic pour over coffee maker

Unless the machine is not up to the task. But with the 12 I’ve reviewed below, you never have to worry about this.

Top Rated Pour Over Automatic Coffee Makers

1. Bonavita Bv1900ts 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita Bv1900ts 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker


Do you know good coffee vs. bad coffee? 

If yes, then that understanding is enough to appreciate every bit of the Bonavita BV1900TS

Its curated features do an excellent job when it comes to mimicking the traditional brewing method of pour over.

To start with, this coffee maker has a very powerful 1500 watts heater. It’s what maintains the optimal temperature for brewing. 

Optimal is between 198 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. So you know your coffee won’t burn or get under-extracted.

There’s the pre-infusion setting that does the mimicking I was talking about earlier. This particular mode pauses the water flow, which gives your coffee enough time for blooming.

The manufacturer gave plenty of attention to the shower head design as well. It saturates coffee grounds to make way for uniform, optimal flavor extraction. 

Your freshly brewed beverage gets collected in a durable thermal carafe. That is double lined with stainless steel.

The product title says “One-Touch”, and that is indeed true. So you can look ahead to simplified brewing. 

Speaking of which, there’s an auto-off feature as well. Then the shower head, filter basket, and carafe lid are all good to go in the dishwasher. 

And lastly, all the plastic components are BPA-free.

If you ask me, it’s the perfect model in the category of the best automatic pour over coffee makers.


  • Large shower head distributes hot water evenly​
  • Coffee in the thermal carafe remains hot for 2-3 hours​
  • Single-touch operation with automatic shut-off​


  • There’s no pause & serve function​
  • Poorly designed carafe doesn’t pour the last drops of coffee​

2. Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 Kbg Coffee Brewer

Technivorm 59616 KBG Coffee Brewer


It’s a simple question; why did I decide to review the Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG Coffee Brewer

So let me give you a simple answer too. It’s because this automatic pour over machine is as amazing as Vac Pot or French Press. 

The features the manufacturer has equipped the coffee maker with couldn’t be any more perfect than this.

The brew basket features automated drip-stop. So once you pull away the carafe, the flow stops on its own. 

The carafe, by the way, is made of glass. You’re looking at 40 ounces of delicious, freshly brewed coffee in only 6 minutes.

Once the brewing is done, the hot plate of the brewer holds the beverage in there. What this does is make sure the taste is even. 

Right from the very first sip you take till the final drop remaining in the carafe.

The hot plate I’m talking about has two temperature settings you can choose from. The first is 175 degrees Fahrenheit and the second is 185 degrees Fahrenheit

Both don’t burn the coffee, in case you’re worried about that. And this hot plate automatically shuts off after the completion of 100 minutes. This is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Last but not least, the drip-style, pre-immersion system delivers the best coffee bloom. And it does so by providing a natural, ultra-precise pulse action. 

This coffee brewer is definitely something you’ll take pride in owning. Due to its remarkable design, functionality, quality, and coffee infusion.


  • Automatic drip-stop and hot plate shut-off​
  • The brewing process is quiet and quick​
  • Copper boiling component enables optimal extraction​
  • The metal housing is durable and plastic parts BPA-free​


  • Glass carafe doesn’t keep the prepared coffee hot for long​

3. Oxo On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker


Combining the technology of temperature and time with the art of coffee extraction is not an easy goal to achieve. 

Unless you’re using the OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker. It has the ability to heat water to the exact temperature. 

So your most favorite roast can achieve its complete potential. While also maintaining that temperature throughout!

Water gets pumped to the coffee maker’s brew basket at optimal intervals. 

The first short cycle is what allows your precious coffee to blossom. So the extraction of full flavor is very much a possibility.

This automatic pour over coffee maker features an intelligent microprocessor. It monitors volume, temperature, and time from the beginning till the very end. 

Now you can enjoy hand-crafted, utterly delicious coffee. And that too without having to leave your home.

Additionally, the modern automatic machine has an incredibly user-friendly LED interface. With backlit display plus freshness indicator. 

And you don’t have to be an experienced user to operate this thing. Single-dial functionality makes the programming part much easier and also convenient. 

Speaking of convenience, the unit is outfitted with 24 hours start timer.

And feel free to select the quantity, as that option is also a part of the wonderful experience. So you can devour consistently delicious 9 cups of freshly brewed coffee.


  • Easy to operate controls​
  • Construction is very sturdy, even the plastic parts​
  • Optimal brewing temperature brings out extra flavor​
  • The shower head covers all the coffee grounds​
  • LED interface, backlit screen, and freshness indicator included​


  • With the lid on, the thermal carafe pours very slowly​
  • Steam tends to form inside the water chamber after use​

4. Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker


It’s all about convenience without compromising taste when it comes to buying an automatic pour-over coffee maker. Such a unit delivers an ultimate brewing experience. Speaking of which, Brim is a brand that doesn’t disappoint. The manufacturer designs espresso and coffee makers, burr grinders, French presses, and more to allow you to make the most of every classic brewing technique. And this 8 Cup Pour Over is no different.

You get access to constant temperature to enable optimal extraction without compromising the delicious flavor, strength, and taste of the coffee. On top of that, automatic shut off is a very handy feature.

But what’s exceptional is the perfect bloom that takes place. The pour over’s showerhead puts pulse brewing into action for an even distribution of water through the coffee bed. The coffee maker measures with precision and grinds to perfection. That’s the beauty of artisan coffee making!


  • The pot is easy to use and clean.​
  • The showerhead initiates even coffee saturation.​
  • Brew pulse activates full coffee blooming.​


  • The plastic filter basket, once hot, smells strange.​
  • Metal filter doesn’t leave out ground residue.​

5. Cuisinart Cpo-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Cuisinart Cpo-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer​


It’s time to get to know one of the best automatic pour over coffee makers currently available. 

This machine is so well-armed you won’t be able to believe it’s a part of your kitchen to satisfy your daily caffeine cravings. 

The CPO-850 Pour Over Coffee Brewer by Cuisinart delivers premium coffee. There’s absolutely no denying that.

The precision brewing method paves the way for complete flavor extraction. The machine’s all-electric operation makes the coffee grounds wet before brewing. 

This is what encourages the natural flavors of the coffee to bloom in all their glory.

You can customize the strength and temperature of your brew. The former includes bold, medium, and mild. 

As for the latter, the options are extra-hot and hot. The Cuisinart CPO-850 Pour Over is ready to offer an exceptional at-home coffee experience. 

With the automatic on and off along with self-cleaning feature!

On top of that, you get stainless steel, laser-etched permanent filter with a charcoal-equipped water filter. 

The capacity of the thermal carafe is 64 ounces, meaning 8 cups of coffee at your disposal.

In all, the quality and superb taste with additional features that control brew strength and temperature make the most impact. 

And you can look forward to years of joy with this Cuisinart brewing system


  • Brewing time is quick​
  • The hot plate ensures coffee remains hot and doesn’t burn​
  • The large LED display makes programming much easier​
  • Adding water and coffee grounds into the coffee maker is very easy​


  • The carafe isn’t leak-proof​
  • The little reservoir filter requires frequent replacement​

6. Breville Bdc400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Breville Bdc400 Precision Brewer Coffee Maker​


If this automatic pour over coffee maker could talk, it would boast about the 6 brewing modes. 

These help in creating an incredibly customizable coffee experience. The modes include iced, cold brew, My Brew, strong, fast, and gold. 

The My Brew setting adjusts the bloom time, brewing temperature, and flow rate. So the end result is fine-tuned to your particular taste.

Furthermore, the temperature, contact time, and flow rate are also kept in check. There’s PID control for adjusting the brewing temp. 

You get to choose from 3 different options for the flow rate to optimize the contact time. 

And then there’s the thermo-coil mechanism for heating. It delivers the purest form of water, unlike its aluminum counterpart.

Another commendable feature is the Steep & Release function. 

This valve keeps water and coffee in contact with one another when small volumes are brewing without the thermal carafe.

To top it off, the cone and flat bottom filter baskets make way for brewing how much ever coffee you demand. 

All it takes for this precision brewing system to prepare 12 cups of coffee is under 7 minutes.

But if you really want to buy the Breville BDC400, go ahead and do it for the 6 different brew settings. It’s the most appealing coffee maker in that aspect.


  • Perfect temperature and fast brew make a good combination​
  • Brewed coffee remains warm in the thermal carafe for hours​
  • The wide opening of the water tank prevents spills​
  • Simple mechanism and few moving components​


  • There’s no attachment for pour-over​
  • Very noisy coffee maker​

7. Motif Elements Pour-Over Style Coffee Brewer


There’s a version of this that comes with a glass carafe. As for the current Motif Elements Pour-Over, it has a thermal carafe. And a double-walled, durable stainless steel one at that! The coffee maker here comes from a brand that fully understands the science of preparing coffee.

The design of the automatic pour-over coffee maker is very efficient. It’s a programmable unit, no doubt. The water heater maintains an optimal brewing temperature quite flawlessly. Then there’s the pre-infusion mode responsible for releasing all the unique, delectable flavors of your favorite coffee.

Moreover, the advanced decalcification sensor measures how much power is required for heating and pumping water. With calcium building up, the power in demand also increases. This advanced sensor does an excellent job of measuring power changes to alert you precisely when it’s time for decalcification. And technology like this is certainly hard to come by.


  • Industry-recognized rapid coffee brewing with no overheating.​
  • Coffee remains hot for long in the double-walled thermal carafe.​
  • An advanced decalcification sensor is included.​


  • The carafe has a narrow opening, thus difficult to clean.​

8. Kitchenaid Kcm0802cu Pour Over Coffee Brewer

Kitchenaid Kcm0802cu Pour Over Coffee Brewer


What happens when programmability meets the control and flavor of manual brewing method of pour-over? 

It takes the form of the KitchenAid KCM0802CU Pour Over Coffee Brewer

This technology does a flawless job of mimicking the process of manual pour over brewing. So you can enjoy flavorful coffee without all the manual work.

It’s not only the brewing process that stands out here. Every other part of the machine is also a factor for success. 

Like the visual display that shows every step. This includes steeping, pouring, and heating.

What about the heating element? 

The advanced technology heats water at an optimal temperature. The range doesn’t go below 198 degrees Fahrenheit or above 204 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This prevents heat loss and burning the coffee.

If you’re a genuine caffeine lover, here’s something that might encourage you to buy this model immediately. 

The KitchenAid KCM0802CU features single-touch dark and medium roast settings. 

So you get the most amazing opportunity to taste each flavor and subtlety present within those different roasts.

In the end, only one thing matters. And that is this automatic coffee maker stimulates the pour over technique. 

When the temperature for brewing is perfect, you can expect your coffee to taste way better than drip machine coffee.


  • Brewing time is under 5 minutes only​
  • Super-easy to operate​
  • Durability is the strongest factor​


  • Buttons too small to use​
  • Carafe spout is also very small​

9. Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker

Zojirushi EC DAC50


Here’s a simple yet perfect for daily use drip coffeemaker by Zojirushi. The compact unit can brew 5 cups of fresh, delicious coffee in no time. In fact, it can even keep your freshly brewed coffee warm for long.

There’s a charcoal water filter that purifies the water used for preparing coffee. When that is in check, the result is always better-tasting coffee right at home. This water filter is a very durable little feature, provided you don’t subject it to rough use or handling.

But what I found to be the most appealing is the sleek and compact structure of the drip coffeemaker. Its cone basket is housed inside the glass-equipped carafe. So those who don’t have a lot of kitchen counter space might find the compact design to be very practical.

It’s an incredibly convenient to use coffee maker equipped with an automatic function to keep your freshly prepared brew warm.


  • It’s a compact machine.​
  • The warming plate keeps coffee hot for long.​
  • Conical filtration system prepares full-bodied, deep, and strong coffee.​


  • No automatic turn-off feature.​
  • It drips when you pour coffee quickly.​

10. Wilfa Precision Automatic Coffee Brewer

Wilfa Coffee Maker


When the art of coffee brewing meets technological innovations, the result takes the form of the Automatic Coffee Brewer by Wilfa. You get unparalleled consistency and precision with this beautiful machine. That and perfectly brewed coffee every single time!

The precise heating system here provides water that brews at an optimal temperature. And this is a part of the whole coffee brewing cycle.

Moreover, the detachable water tank of the coffee maker is very convenient to clean. And clean, fresh water is a very important ingredient when it comes to preparing coffee.

Even the ratio between fresh water and freshly ground coffee is perfected by the brand. And you get access to flow control for adjusting the quantity of brewed coffee to suit your taste preferences.


  • The heating system is precise.​
  • Removable water reservoir with marked measurements.​
  • Glass carafe and hot warming plate are included.​


  • The carafe is not easy to clean.​

11. Gourmia GCM3350 Fully Automatic Pour Over Coffee Brewer


Gourmia offers a real deal with its fully automatic coffee machine. This brewer saturates your favorite coffee grounds evenly using the pour-over brewing technique. The spout dispenses water in a way that’s the most suitable for maximum flavor and aroma extraction.

The current unit makes the time-consuming process of the pour-over technique much, much easier. All you have to do is load the coffee grounds and brew. The integrated scale measures coffee grounds, heats water optimally, and then saturates coffee within an optimal time frame.

In my opinion, the most enticing aspect is the orbital rotation of the spout. Along with its unique planetary pour and bloom pause. And it’s this authentic Barista-style pour that enables the complete and optimal release of the rich, full-bodied flavors of coffee.

And you don’t even have to worry about water temperature as that part is also pretty much covered throughout the entire brewing process.


  • The built-in scale measures coffee grounds.​
  • Spout technology initiates maximum coffee flavor release.​
  • You can adjust the brew temperature and dispense ratio.​


  • Complicated controls.​

12. Bodum BISTRO Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bodum BISTRO Coffee Maker


Just one look at the Bodum BISTRO and you know it’s one of the best automatic pour over coffee makers out there. It has the ability to deliver the most flavorful, delicious brew without you having to leave the comforts of your home. But how does it do that?

Water funnels through the tempered glass-built tube. It travels to the large shower head, which distributes water evenly all over the grounds. The outcome is a complete extraction that offers flavorful, well-balanced coffee.

Moreover, the exceptional heating element brews maintaining the ideal temperature. Even the permanent, fine-meshed, stainless steel filter contributes to providing the tantalizing aroma. As opposed to paper filters, this doesn’t hold back those natural oils responsible for the full-bodied flavor and whiff of coffee.

And to make the experience even more appreciative, the operation is quick and quiet. By quick, I mean you don’t have to wait for more than 6 minutes for your caffeine-infused glory.

Moving on to the thermal carafe, it obviously keeps the coffee warm for many hours. But it does so without giving it the bitter taste. The carafe, after all, is made of stainless steel and is double-walled.

So it’s only natural for me to state that the Bodum BISTRO works better than any standard drip machine. The thermal carafe and removable water reservoir make the unit worth every penny you spend on it.


  • Large rubber shower head dispenses water evenly.​
  • Permanent filter has a fine-mesh design.​
  • The double-walled thermal carafe keeps the hot coffee from tasting bitter.​


  • It’s a slightly large, space-occupying coffee maker.​

What You Should Know About Drip Coffee Makers

Making Coffee With Automatic Pour Over Machine

Let’s not forget that automatic pour over coffee makers are a type of automatic/electric drip coffee makers

But not all electric drip coffee makers are automatic pour over brewing systems.

The original drip machines begin by heating water. And then passing it through the coffee grounds placed in the basket. 

Then this freshly brewed coffee is poured into a carafe or jug below.

The extraction process of coffee here is called percolation. The fresh, hot brew remains hot in that carafe, which is equipped with a wonderful hot plate.

But this discovery came about much later. Before it, the most common brewing method involved using a percolator. 

It’s a stovetop pot that continuously recycles your beverage through your coffee grounds. And stops once you eliminate the heat.

Difference Between Automatic Drip and Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

The two major differences are the way the water in the coffee maker is dispensed and temperature control for brewing.

Automatic pour over coffee makers dispense hot water over fine grounds. 

This water travels through those coffee grounds, which releases the natural oils responsible for the delicious taste and smell. And then the freshly brewed coffee enters the carafe.

While, in the case of a drip coffee maker, water is dispensed in the brew basket in which the coffee grounds are kept. 

This ends up flooding the basket. As a result of which poor flavor extraction becomes a possibility.

As for temperature control at the time of brewing, a pour over model features a shower-style, rain-patterned head. 

This particular component is responsible for pulsating the flow and amount of hot water, hence controlling the entire extraction process.

No wonder true caffeine lovers want to buy the best automatic pour over coffee makers. 

The technology such a machine employs makes the whole process of coffee making not only automatic. 

But it also creates room for more flavor and natural oils from the coffee grounds. And all you have to do is push a single button.

Advantages of Using An Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Makers

Before the automatic pour over coffee maker came into the picture, there were percolators

These units prepared coffee by passing water continuously through coffee grounds. The cycle, in such cases, is never-ending. 

This, more often than not, gives rise to over-extraction.

Here’s another common problem with using percolators. If you don’t remove them, coffee starts to taste unpleasant and bitter.

Keeping all this in mind, an automatic pour over coffee maker eliminates all such concerns. You don’t even have to assemble multiple removable parts to prepare delicious coffee. 

Just add pre-ground coffee, fill the reservoir, and push the button. Everything else the machine does.

Features To Take Into Account When Buying Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

1. Brewing Temperature

Your coffee maker should be able to brew water at anywhere between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Anything higher than 205 ends up burning the coffee. And anything lower leads to under-extraction.

2. Programmable Settings

Did you know that you can set the machine to begin brewing at a specific time? So you get to wake up to a freshly-brewed, hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Other features like automatic shut-off and sound notifications also matter. The former saves electricity. 

As for the latter, an alert function is very useful when you want to know exactly when your coffee has turned brown.

3. Brewing Time

Speed does count, whether you’re in a hurry or not.

The greater part of pour over coffee makers takes not more than 3-5 minutes for brewing. And another 3-5 minutes for preparing your beverage. 

To sum it up, around 10 minutes for the pour-over machine to deliver your hot coffee in the carafe.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning Pour Over Coffee Maker

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the coffee to brew, then you also don’t have the patience to spend a long time cleaning the maker. Just like me. Aren’t I right?

If I am, then how about making sure the machine consists of dishwasher-safe parts. These include the carafe lid, filter basket, and shower head.

But what if you don’t have a dishwasher? Then simply check whether or not the washable components are easy to clean.

5. Ease Of Use

User-friendly, in the case of pour over automatic coffee makers, means working just one button. 

When any more is involved, the device becomes a bit confusing to use. Especially if you’re new to the process of automatic pour over brewing.

6. Capacity & Size

Automatic pour over coffee makers come with a thermal carafe or glass carafe. Either way, the coffee holding capacity of the carafe matters. 

Is the coffee maker a 12-cup, 10-cup, 9-cup, 8-cup, or 6-cup machine? 

The correct answer depends on how much coffee you like to drink and/or serve on a daily basis. This is measured in ounces too.

Even the amount of space the appliance occupies on your kitchen counter plays an important role. 

Particularly if don’t have enough room to accommodate the coffee maker. In that case, a compact unit goes a long way. 

You don’t want your kitchen to look clustered now, do you?


It’s the first thing you want to consume in the morning after getting up. 

There’s no denying that coffee tastes the best when prepared manually. This includes not just brewing but also grinding. 

However, the sad news is that not everyone has the luxury of time on their hands. So that’s when automatic machines enter the picture.

A very popular option at such times takes the form of the best automatic pour over coffee makers. 

Some models offer a faster brewing time. Some others are equipped with more advanced functions. 

And the remaining deliver the most delicious and flavorful coffee.

At the same time, also crucial are durability, convenience, and quality. Keeping all these factors in mind during selection is not easy. 

This is why you might want to consider buying any one of the top 8 picks I have shortlisted for you.

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