Here’s My Story

Spencer Russo

I’m Spencer Russo, coffee fiend and caffeine enthusiast.

It’s so easy to burn coffee (even iced coffee) and end up with horrible concoctions.

I know, because that’s what I did to every single cup I tried to make.

Eventually, that led to me just going out to coffee shops to get my morning brew, but that novelty only lasts for so long (and it gets expensive!).

Around the time that I began working strictly from home, I realized that it was time to try my hand at making my own coffee again.

I tend to be picky about everything when it comes to coffee: beans, roasting times, grinders, coffee makers, and all that has led me to make Blue Box Cafe.

There just wasn’t enough good information about how to actually craft your own signature coffee at home and make it taste good. In that search, all I came across were endless ads.

The next steps were a ton of trial and error (and admittedly, a lot of wasted coffee beans) before I really started getting things right.

I learned about acidity levels, growing conditions in different regions, bean shelf life, grind size, resting times before coffee starts to sour—you name it. I did just about everything you could think of, and it all finally came to fruition.

After investing in some top notch quality coffee equipment and understanding what I personally loved about different coffee roasts, I was making morning brews and specialty beverages that surpassed those high markup single-serve drinks I used to get every morning.

So now my day begins with a ritualistic cup of coffee that I look forward to every morning. I want to help you achieve the same thing.

I made Blue Box Cafe to help others understand the subtle differences in equipment that make a big impact, the little flavor attributes in differently sourced beans that can make or break your cup, and how to have fun with the entire process.

Let’s brew something outstanding together. Check out buying guides and educational content about coffee to enhance your morning experience.