Best Coffee Grinder for French Press: 10 Grinders for Perfect Coarseness

The French Press is one of the best methods of coffee preparation, and even connoisseurs will agree with this! 

It requires a bit of patience, but it is worth all the effort! It makes a rich and indulgent caffeine fix.

To make a French Press coffee, you need to have a carafe and a plunger. More than the tools, you also need to have the best beans

While it is easy and convenient to use pre-ground coffee, the taste will not be the same.

When you are making your own French Press coffee, it is recommended that you grind the beans on your own, which will provide better control on the grinds. 

Clueless about the best coffee grinder for French Press?

Keep on reading and we’ll let you know the top products on the market.

When the coffee bean grounds are very fine, expect to find sludge. 

And when the grind looks too coarse, you lose the opportunity to make the most of the original flavor and fragrance of the beans.

So if you want the perfect results on a consistent basis. You should consider buying any one of the following products reviewed below.

Best Coffee Grinder For French Press

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr


The Infinity Series of conical burr grinders by Capresso offers maximum flavor and aroma retention. 

Their grinding heads are computer controlled and advanced. They cut the shapes and angles of steel burrs to precision within 0.1 millimeters. That’s 1/250th of an inch.

Accuracy at its best, in simple words. So expect this kind of performance from the Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr.

The motor features multiple gears for producing the slowest grind action. It has the ability to offer precise grind results. 

Ranging from an extra fine grind to the coarser grind you require for your French Press. And to make matters even better, this conical burr grinder is not such a noisy unit.

The fineness settings are clearly marked. There are 4 settings each for the different grind sizes. These include coarse, regular, fine, and extra fine. 

Common issues like heat accumulation and friction are not a concern here. Thanks to the gear reduction, specially designed motor.

The heavy-duty housing is also quite an impressive characteristic. In terms of appearance and durability. Even the safety lock mechanism scores high marks.

To conclude, the conical burr grinding method produces a consistent grind each time without any hassles. 

But you know the container of the grind is made of plastic, not metal. Due to which static (grinds jumping around inside) is inevitable.

Rancilio Hsd-Roc-Sd Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder


With this one, you can go ahead and inspect each and every ground. 

The coarser grinds come out almost the same. And that says a lot about how amazing the Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder is.

It’s a burr model equipped with commercial, entry-level grinding burrs (50mm plate). The grinder is strong enough to beat as much as 7.7 pounds per hour. 

So the machine can handle your daily coffee requirements.

The removable metal fork holds in place the portafilter. As for the motor, it’s direct-drive and extremely powerful. 

The spinning speed is 1,725 rotations per minute. Without producing much noise by the way!

To change the setting of the grind, all you have to do is unlock the lever before spinning the bean hopper. 

It gives you the coarser grind ideal for French Press in a matter of only a few seconds.

Consider this as an on-demand kind of a piece. Although it’s just not a very user-friendly coffee grinder.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


This Baratza creation is lauded by many coffee experts and lovers. As the most reliable coffee grinder for brewing at-home coffee. 

The conical burr grinder has been up for grabs since 2012. And it is still a very popular model in terms of reliability and consistency.

The controls are easy and intuitive. There’s an on and off toggle switch for continuous operation. 

You also get to work the intermittent convenient pulse button. This enables quick, on-demand grind burst.

Now here’s the best part. This coffee grinder is armed with 40 different grind settings. For all popular manual brewing methods like French Press, Chemex, Aeropress, etc. 

So you don’t have to worry about the quality and consistency of the grind size. The grinding speed is 1 gram per second, which is good enough. 

As for the steel burrs, they’re high-quality, high-carbon components. Engineered to produce an excellent quality grind for a delicious tasting cup each time.

Once again, there’s a plastic reservoir. Meaning static electricity buildup is in the cards.

Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


Giving the Encore a tough competition is the Virtuoso. It works best at providing a classic style with technical skills. 

To give you a grind of the highest quality on a consistent basis. That’s what sets this model apart from its sibling above.

As you can see, the Virtuoso is a very good looking model. The metal top as well as base are sculptured. 

So your kitchen counter looks elegant and classy. The functional part of this conical burr coffee grinder is also equally remarkable.

With 40 different grind settings, achieving a coarser grind for the French Press brewing method is not such a difficult task. Least of all unachievable!

But what makes the Virtuoso so popular is the combination of its efficient motor and speed reducers. 

The former keeps the coffee beans cool during longer grind times. And the gear speed minimizers slow the operation. 

To ensure less noise and static/heat buildup. With a smoother feeding of the beans!

The footprint is small, meaning easy to fit under kitchen cabinets. And the controls are easy and intuitive too. Plus, not a single drawback to look forward to either.

Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart Dbm-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill


Freshly ground coffee beans make the experience the best. 

The kind of taste and aroma they bring to the table is unbeatable. So you have to opt for models like this automatic burr grinder by none other than Cuisinart.

Constructed using stainless steel, the model is equipped with 18 different levels for grind size. It travels all the way to extra-coarse from ultra-fine. 

So you can enjoy the coarser grind when using a French Press.

There’s an automatic stop feature, which opens the door wide open to consistent grinding. And that too to the correct, most suitable grade. 

This maximizes the original flavors, aromas, and oils.

The motor is heavy-duty, no doubt. But did you know that the detachable grind chamber holds ground coffee worth 32 cups? Isn’t that fantastic!

Just a tiny hiccup though. The grinder is a loud machine. But not as loud as blade coffee grinders!

Javapresse Manual Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Javapresse Manual Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


This JavePresse creation has earned over 5,800 reviews on Amazon. 

With a 4.3 star rating. If that doesn’t suggest good quality and good performance, I don’t know what does.

What you’re looking at here is a conical burr grinder with 18 grind size settings. Meaning you enjoy complete control over how coarse your grind should be. 

Be it for French Press or the Pour Over Coffee brewing method.

It’s a portable and compact model you can travel with quite conveniently. And it makes sure your coffee beans are freshly ground. 

While also maintaining the original oils, aromas, and flavors.

There’s a detachable hand crank system to eliminate most of the noise of this electric grinder. The special ceramic burrs offer a longer shelf life. Than their stainless steel counterparts.

Even though the machine takes a good 1-2 minutes for grinding, the effort is minimal. 

And this minimal effort also applies to cleaning and maintenance. So there are the much-needed bonus points.

Handground Precision Manual Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Handground Precision Manual Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


Why do so many coffee enthusiasts swear by the performance of this manual conical burr grinder? 

It’s because the manufacturer Handground has designed a model that achieves consistent grind results. 

Even though you have to use the hand mechanism for grinding your delicious coffee beans!

There are 15 grind size settings. So another thing you can achieve is precise coarseness for your French Press. Or AeroPress, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Chemex, etc.

The ceramic burr and mounted axle eliminate potential wobble issues. 

What’s even more impressive is that these components last for a longer time as well. In comparison to stainless steel.

All the 3 axles are good to go when it comes to maintaining accurate tolerances (0.004 inches). 

And it’s this particular razor-like tolerance and added stability that contribute to consistency. In even simpler words, that’s what makes the Handground grinder so special.

On the downside, it’s not a very user-friendly and compact product.

Breville Bcg820bssxl The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder


It’s one of the top picks on Amazon. This Smart Grinder Pro by Breville grinds intelligently using a unique technology. 

Known as Dosing iQ. You get to choose from 60 different settings to maximize the brew potential.

It’s a conical burr grinder that offers French Press cups and filter. Along with Espresso shots! 

This implies you get the freedom to pick the correct dosage for the kind of coffee you want to brew. 

Plus, grinding directly into the portafilter is also possible. That or an air-locked container.

Furthermore, you’ll find the precision timer to also be very useful. Adjusting the grinding time in the smallest increments, 0.2 seconds, is not an impossible task. 

But why would you want to know this? So you can get a consistent dose each time.

The locking system enables easy storage, removal, and bean hopper transfer. There are enough good features packed in here. 

And to my surprise, only one drawback presents itself. The container responsible for catching the grounds doesn’t perform its duty all that well. 

So a spill-down along the side is a little annoying to deal with.

Bodum Bistro Electronic Burr Coffee Grinder


If you wish to do the right thing for your coffee beans, you should go for this one. 

It’s an electronic burr grinder that crushes instead of slicing the beans. And while doing so, the machine ensures consistency. 

It even preserves the intrinsic flavor and fragrance of the coffee beans.

You can continuously adjust the operation. Simply by the twist of the upper container! 12 settings are what you get to choose from. 

This includes the coarse grind for French Press. Or any other ideal grind size for the rest of the brewing methods available.

What’s so special here is the inclusion of the borosilicate glass material container. This particular feature is static-free. 

It’s also outfitted with a rubber grip for catching and transferring grounds. At the same time, preventing the “jumpy” action of the grounds. 

The glass catcher is also dishwasher-friendly by the way. To prevent waste and keep the beans fresh, you can use the pre-set, push button timer. 

Also, you get to switch to French Press from Espresso with complete ease. But don’t expect the operation to be a quiet affair.

Secura Scg-903b Electric Coffee Grinder


You would think the last pick is the least favorite. But that’s really not the case. When the product has reviews and a rating as that of this electric coffee grinder! 

The machine offers the best combination of uniformity and preservation of the natural nature of the coffee beans.

You get 17 different grind settings. Out of which the “coarse” option is ideal for French Press. There’s the “very fine” grind size too, which is perfect for Espresso.

Quantity selection starts from 2 cups. And goes all the way to 12 cups. On top of that, the grinder is quite compact. 

So it doesn’t occupy too much room on your kitchen counter.

Here’s another piece of great news. This Secura creation has the ability to grind the perfect measure very quietly. 

Not many burr coffee grinders for French Press are such silent units. So you can enjoy a cup at 5-6 a.m. without disturbing everybody in the house.

But to be honest, it’s a great model only when you figure out how to clean it. And best of luck doing that!

French Press Overview

Best French Press Coffee Makers

I might not know the exact number. 

But what I do know instead is that most genuine coffee lovers go the French Press way. Since it gives them the original rich taste, flavor, and aroma of coffee.

When using the French Press, the processing is not such a long and time-consuming task. No wonder the raw and strong feeling of coffee remains intact. 

To prepare your caffeine beverage in a French Press, you should avoid using pre-ground coffee

This goes without saying, doesn’t it? Rather you grind your coffee beans right before brewing the coffee.

The longer the coffee beans just sit there, the staler they become. So my advice to you would be to grind the beans. And then immediately brew them in your precious French Press.

But how does a French Press actually work? 

The two most important aspects of the method are moisture and oxidation. With the help of oxidation, air molecules interact with the coffee beans. 

And this releases their various aromas and flavors. Something that grinding coffee beans right before brewing already kickstarts!

Moving on to moisture, it does the job of dissolving the natural, precious oils contained in the ground coffee. 

So if you want to drink the most delicious cup, you’ve got to let these oils remain during the brewing process. All the more reason to use freshly ground coffee beans!

Just make sure that the grounds aren’t too big and chunky. As in the case of espresso! 

But the coffee grind should be slightly on the coarser side. Because it gives you a more natural brew. 

In the light of the matter, here’s another factor that plays a hand. It’s the grind size. So let’s discuss it at length below.

What Is The Perfect Grind Size For French Press?

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press

The grind size is one of the critical elements that will have an impact on the overall quality of the French Press coffee.

In the case of pre-ground coffee, they often have fine grind. However, find grind is not recommended for French Press. 

Because of the small coffee particles, they can easily pass through the filter. In turn, there will be residues in your drink.

For French Press, coarse grind is the best. It allows the fuller extraction of the coffee. 

They are big enough to not easily pass through the filter, and hence, there will be no coffee grounds in your cup. 

To be specific, there should be only 100 to 300 particles in ground coffee. Aside from the grind size, you also have to pay attention to uniformity. 

If it is not uniform, the coffee will be bitter or will have an unpleasant aftertaste because of under or over-extraction. 

The right grinder will help ensure the uniformity. 

What Kind Of Grinder Is Best For French Press?

For first-time buyers without much knowledge about making coffee, choosing the best grinder can be an overwhelming task. 

With this, one of the most important considerations would be the type of the grinder that is used.

Blade Vs. Burr Grinders

Blade vs Burr Grinder: what is better for french press?

The blade grinders work like a propeller that will slice the beans into fine particles. They grind beans quickly. They are also affordable. 

The blades, however, can spin too fast. This can generate heat, which can destroy the oil in the coffee and will affect its flavor.

The burr grinders, on the other hand, has a chamber with serrated edges, which can result in more consistent grinds. 

There are two blades that work together to grind the beans. For this reason, the burr grinder is the preferred choice amongst many people.

Between the two, the burr grinder is the more suitable option for a French Press. This is because of its ability to produce a more uniform coarse grind. 

This results in even extraction, making the coffee taste better. This gives the coffee the correct particle size.

More than the uniformity of the grind and the particle size, which are easy to achieve with a burr grinder, the correct brewing time is also essential. 

Once you get it right, your French press is sure to taste the best!

In sum, burr grinders are capable of making the coffee grounds more consistent, which is important for a French press.

Disc Vs. Conical Burr Grinders

Now that you know that the burr grinder is the better option from the two, take note that there are two types. 

You can choose from either disc or conical burr grinders, both of which can deliver precision in every grind.

With a conical burr grinder, there are two burrs that are cone-shaped with ridges, which will crush the beans. 

On the other hand, with disc grinders, there are two parallel and identical rings with serrated sides.

Both of these grinders come with a stationary motor. They are both flexible, and hence, it does not actually matter which one you choose.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Grinding Coffee For French Press

French Press is a classic method for brewing coffee. So if you want to maintain the delicious simplicity, you’ve got to keep the following tips/instructions in mind.

Grind The Coffee Beans Properly

Like I said earlier, the grind is crucial when it comes to preparing good tasting coffee. For your French Press, the beans have to be coarse and evenly ground.

But how do you tell if the grounds are perfectly coarse each time? And not too coarse or too fine? 

Just press down the filter. When they’re too fine, pressing down is going to be hard. And when too coarse, you’ll face zero resistance.

Use The Correct Coffee Quantity

The ratio of coffee to water is also a factor you need to take into account when using French Press. 

Generally speaking, the correct ratio is 1:10. You should use a single coffee gram for every 10 grams of water.

Remove The Coffee From French Press Post-Pressing

When you don’t remove the coffee immediately after pressing. 

What your taste buds come in contact with is bitter, over-extracted coffee, cause the brewing keeps on going. Even when you’ve pushed the plunger down!

The best thing is to drink the freshly brewed coffee straight away. So prepare just the amount you wish to drink. In short, not more than 1-2 cups.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying Coffee Grinder For French Press

Manual Or Electric Grinders?

More often than not, people pick the electric option when they want more convenience. 

And they don’t mind paying extra for that. Even though an electric coffee grinder occupies more space and produces more noise.

As for the manual type, you have to walk the extra mile. But on the upside, they’re easy to carry. 

Since there are very few moving parts! And obviously, manual models are cheaper in terms of price.

Steel Vs Ceramic

The thing about ceramic coffee grinders is that they last longer than steel. But, on the other hand, steel is a more affordable choice. 

So it’s a war between high quality vs affordability as far as grinder materials are concerned.

Stepped Vs Stepless

This particular factor has a lot to do with regards to grind size customization.

Stepless grinders offer infinite options. While the stepped version features limited grind levels. 

But both are suitable when using the French Press. Since you want to achieve a consistent, coarse grind. Instead of a very fine one!

Doser Vs Doserless

The doserless grinders function this way. They dispense your coffee grounds into the French Press. 

Expect a lot more mess and manual work in this case. However, the likelihood of leaving grinds in your machine is much less.

As for the doser type, it collects them inside its integrated compartment. Minimal effort is required. No wonder the doser models are so popular.

Grind Consistency

Grinderd Coffee Beans

I simply cannot overestimate the importance of grind consistency. 

If you want your brew to be of the highest quality, then the size of the grind particles should be consistent. No matter what!

In that case, if you pick the best burr grinder for French Press, you don’t have to worry about this characteristic.

Grind Settings

Are the grind settings installed on the coffee grinder suitable for French Press? 

For the grind to be coarse enough for a French Press, the score should be 7. 1 being the finest grind and 10 the coarsest.

So don’t forget to check the grind settings. Before you buy a grinder to pair with your French Press.

Static And Heat Buildup

Does the best coffee grinder for French Press produce static? What about heat buildup? Does the motor generate a lot of heat? 

The answer can be yes. I mean not all best options are perfect in terms of design and performance.

So all the more reason to pay attention to these factors. The only way you can avoid heat and static buildup is to choose a model with a lower revolving speed.


Coffee Grinder Cleaning

Always pick a coffee grinder that’s easy and convenient to clean. And when talking about cleaning, the debate between doser and doserless comes into play. 

The former collects the grounds inside the integrated compartment itself. This paves the way for easy transfer to your French Press.

But doserless grinders do the dispensing themselves. And that can give rise to a messy experience. 

However, it reduces the chances of grinds getting stuck inside the machine. So pick your battles wisely.

Final Words

Brewing coffee in a French Press is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

You have to use the best coffee grinder for French Press. If you don’t want the original flavor and aroma to get compromised. 

Beans that are poorly ground don’t taste like coffee. I’ve been there, done that; so I know.

Lucky for you, I have reviewed the 10 best options for you here. 

And I’ve also discussed everything you might want to know. About these grinders and the French Press brewing method.

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